How Coaching and Mentoring Works

How Coaching and Mentoring Works

I believe a business coach is the person that sits between where you and your business are now and where you want to be. My process as a business coach begins with a free consultation meeting to determine if the services I offer fit your needs and circumstances.

As Your Business Coach I Will:

  • On a business level, assist you to grow your business, strategize goals, improve operations, increase profitability and overcome obstacles
  • On an individual level, help you find what is limiting you to be the best you can possibly be, while improving your personal skill set in leadership, strategic thinking, problem solving, communication and overall competence.

The coaching relationship must be a supportive partnership, based on a foundation of confidentiality, honesty, trust and mutual respect; and to a great extent, it has to be fun!

Once issues, problems and concerns are quantified and mutually understood, I will offer solutions that will be discussed and a path forward strategized. Ultimately, and this is important, every choice and decision that is made will be yours. Follow up will ensure that you are kept motivated, on track and inspired as you move successfully towards your goals.

My hourly fees are flexible depending on the nature and length of the engagement. These will be discussed and agreed upon following our first free meeting.

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