I am a native of Great Britain and hold both American and British citizenship. After forty seven years in business, all but thirteen of those years have been in companies I started, grew and ultimately sold at various stages of development. Two of those thirteen years were spent as CEO of a public company in a successful turnaround. I have experience as an entrepreneur, technologist, accountant, corporate executive, consultant and sales and marketing strategist. I have made numerous presentations to conferences and entrepreneurial college groups and have written and published articles and white papers on emerging technologies.



Why Business Coaching?

I tried retirement after the sale of my last venture in 2009, but frankly missed the challenges and satisfaction of winning in business. So I started McAllister Coaching LLC. This allows me a way to pass on all the business knowledge gained from my successes and failures in a lifetime of business as well as a vehicle to establish a supportive partnership with each of my clients.



Business Experience

I have been in the business world since 1962, and only been on someone else’s payroll for 13 years.  The remaining 34 years was spent honing my skills as an entrepreneur in a variety of businesses in the United States and international marketplace.


1991-2009 DataTrade, LLC

In 1991, I founded DataTrade (“DT”) in Springfield, MO. DT was formed to provide services to financial institutions and other corporations with ways to automate financial transactions, perform data conversions, and archive and manage digital information. DT’s clients ranged in size from Fortune 100 companies to community banks. At the time of sale the company had just shy of 1000 active customers in the United States and 11 foreign countries. In 2007, after sixteen years in business, I sold the company for fourteen times earnings.

1989-1990 Jack Henry & Associates, Inc

In January 1989, I took the position of CEO of Jack Henry & Associates, a publicly held banking software company based in Monett MO. The company had made certain strategic decisions that seriously threatened its survival. I assembled and led a turnaround team that focused on the company’s core competencies and revitalized marketing, sales and channel relationships. The turnaround was a complete success.

1980-1989 McAllister & Associates, West Hartford, VT

McAllister & Associates was an independent agent for “best of breed” IT solutions that covered every facet of bank automation. I consulted with, marketed and sold technology systems to hundreds of financial institutions in the United States as well as in West Africa, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific. I was also instrumental in setting up a core banking software subsidiary with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1967-1979 St Thomas US Virgin Islands

Between 1967 and 1980, I lived in the St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and gained experience in various private sector industries. At the age of 26, I was president of the island’s leading manufacturer of concrete products and wholesale building supplies. I realized that I had the instincts, wherewithal and fortitude to be an entrepreneur, so in 1975 I founded, along with two other partners, an accounting, tax, data processing and business consulting firm. We provided services to clients throughout the Caribbean, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. I sold my ownership to the remaining partners in 1980. While in the Islands, I also pursued a number of other entrepreneurial ventures that included a commercial laundry and retail dry cleaning, commercial and residential real estate and an air charter venture.

1962-1966 Barclays Bank International

In 1962, I started in International Banking, working in various bank management positions in London, England; Belize, Central America, several Caribbean Islands and St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. I earned a degree in banking and finance from the City of London College, London, England.


Things I Learned Along the Way

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