I coach entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate executives. My goal is to facilitate business growth and overcome obstacles to success, all while mentoring YOU to reach your highest potential.


As your business coach, I will work with you on a one-to-one basis. For a professional coaching and mentoring relationship to work, it must be a good fit for you and me. It must be positive, based on trust and good rapport – and it has to be fun!

Our relationship will be a supportive partnership. Initially, there will be a lot of thought-provoking questions that relate to business history, financial and cost analysis, personal and business goal and current obstacles and challenges to overcome. Once the issues and problems are quantified and mutually understood, I will offer solutions to be discussed, and a comprehensive strategy to move forward.

Ultimately—and this is important—every choice and decision that is made will be yours. I will follow up with you to ensure that you are kept motivated, on track and inspired as you move successfully towards your business and personal goals.

We will agree on a foundation of confidentiality, honesty, trust and respect; with the understanding that your success and well-being is the focus of the coaching relationship. We will build on your strengths, while ensuring you are performing at your peak.

I offer a free initial meeting where we determine if I can help you. My fees are structured commensurate with the nature and length of the engagement.


For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

New Business Startups:

  • You have an idea for a new business and need a business plan
  • You need guidance through the startup process.
  • You need to raise capital.
  • You need help in presenting to a group of investors.

Ongoing Business Growth and Challenges:

  • You need to be more profitable.
  • You need a new marketing strategy.
  • You have been in the trenches too long and need clarity about your business vision.
  • You have no one to bounce ideas off.
  • You need a plan for business expansion.
  • You have been successful, but now need to restructure for the next level of growth.
  • You are so busy you do not have time for strategic or “big picture” thinking.
  • You want to grow through acquisition or merger.
  • You have a specific problem that requires brainstorming.
  • You want to start franchising.
  • You have forgotten how to “have a life” and no longer have a work/life balance.
  • You want to establish an international market presence.

You are ready to cash out:

  • You have a successful business and need to figure out the best exit strategy.
  • You need help in evaluating an offer to buy your company.
  • You need expertise in the business sales process.

For Executives and Managers

Unlike business owners, executives and managers work for someone else – a boss or Board of Directors.  I can help you and your career if:

  • You are facing career options that require clarification.
  • You lost your job and “now what?”.
  • You want a second opinion on a major business decision you are strategizing.
  • You are embroiled in corporate politics.
  • You have toxic employees.
  • You have a terrible boss.
  • You want to determine annual career goals.
  • You are in a stage of life/business transition and are unsure how to proceed.
  • You are thinking of retiring and need help retirement planning.


I will never run the clock on you or require a long-term contract and I will never condone or be party to unethical business practices.

I consider it is my job to be realistic, honest and upfront with you, no matter how harsh the reality. We will collaborate on solving problems and jointly arrive at conclusions and courses of actions.  However, I will not make up your mind for you or tell you what to do – neither will I judge or insist you do something.

Finally, I do not provide therapy of any kind.

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