What I Do

I coach entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate executives. My goal is to facilitate business growth, overcome obstacles to success, while mentoring YOU to reach your highest potential.

For a coaching/mentoring relationship to work it has to be a good fit. It has to be positive, based on trust and good rapport and to a great extent it has to be fun!

Our relationship will be a supportive partnership. Initially, there will be a lot of asking thought provoking questions.  Once issues and problems are quantified and mutually understood, I will offer solutions that will be discussed and a resulting path forward strategized.  Ultimately, and this is important, every choice and decision that is made will be yours.  Follow up will ensure that you are kept motivated, on track and inspired, as you to move successfully towards your goals.

We will agree on a foundation of confidentiality, honesty, trust and respect, with the understanding that your success and well-being is the focus of the coaching relationship.

I offer a free initial meeting where we determine if I can help you. My fees are structured commensurate with the nature and length of the engagement.