Where I Might Help You

For Entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • You have an idea for a new business and need guidance through start up.
  • You need to raise capital.
  • You need help in presenting to a group of investors.
  • You need to be profitable.
  • You need a plan to expand your business.
  • You need a new marketing strategy.
  • You have been in the trenches too long and need clarity about your business vision.
  • You have no one to bounce ideas off.
  • You are so busy you do not have time for “big picture” or strategic thinking.
  • You have a specific problem that requires brainstorming.
  • You have forgotten how to “have a life” and no longer have a work/life balance.
  • You have a successful business and need to figure out an exit strategy.
  • You need help in evaluating an offer to buy your company.
  • You are a young successful company and require expertise in company structure to enable the next level of growth.
  • You need to establish an international market presence.

For Executives, Managers And Employees:

  • You are facing career options that require clarification.
  • You lost your job and now what.
  • You want a second opinion on a major business decision you are strategizing.
  • You are embroiled in corporate politics.
  • You have “toxic” employees.
  • You have a terrible boss.
  • You want to determine annual career goals.
  • You are in a stage of life/business transition and are unsure how to proceed.
  • You are thinking of retiring and have concerns.